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For Companies

We help you to understand and build on the value of your inventive technology, working with you to define the right approach to protecting and leveraging it as part of an overarching strategy within your business plan and funding rounds.

Technical diligence right from the beginning

TTN is there to accompany the innovative process from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1 onwards. Our domain experts work with inventors and business leaders to shape technological winners, ensuring that statutory milestones are met, preparing for funding rounds and maximising the value of your IP as you build your business strategy.

As the interplay between IP, sustainability, ethics and associated legislation increases, particularly in the area of software, aligning IP protection at an early stage with the prevailing conditions will increase effectiveness and market success. TTN can accompany you in this dynamic process.


Support throughout growth

Whether start-up or established company, TTN experts provide independent, bespoke, qualitative advice throughout the product cycle, tailored to your specific needs. A particular TTN strength lies in supporting clients to patent innovation implemented through software. 

TTN's technical expertise and analytical skills strongly support open innovation activities such as technology scouting and cooperation, joint ventures, MVP creation and IP identification/acquisition. as well as value-adding advice on commercialisation.

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