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Rinaldi Rada

Rinaldi specialises in United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examination practices. A former Technology Centre Group Director at the USTPO, he was responsible for the management of patent examining groups in the fields of transportation, construction, electronic commerce, and agriculture. Rinaldi led the USPTO’s transition from the US Patent Classification System (USPC) to the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), including the training of patent examiners and the development of related IT examination, search and classification tools. He also led teams in the formation of the Search and Classification Examiner position and the USPTO’s transfer and search assistance and classification quality assurance programs. 


Rinaldi has experience of collaborating with other intellectual property offices in achieving common goals, improving processes and developing IT tools related to classification scheme management, quality and examiner collaboration. Rinaldi’s 32-year career at the USPTO started with a role as patent examiner in the mechanical, manufacturing and biomedical technologies and then as a supervisory patent examiner before becoming Technology Centre Group Director. Rinaldi lives in the United States and is a founding partner of CPS Patent International. 

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