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Franco Cordera

Franco spent 35 years at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, first as an examiner in telecommunications and for the last 18 years as a director responsible for the examination and grant of European patents in the field of video coding, compression and transmission of multimedia. In this role, he also coordinated the operational side of the EPO's standard-related activities and played a primary role in the Office's dialogue with standardisation bodies and the European Commission relating to essentiality checks. 


He graduated in Physics at the University of Turin, Italy and C.E.R.N., Geneva, Switzerland and prior to joining the EPO in 1987 worked as a software designer for the control systems of tool machines and as Test Engineer and Test Operation Manager for a satellite programme run jointly by the Italian space agency and NASA.


During his time at the EPO he also served as lecturer for the International Patent Academy at various venues and worked in the EPO’s Controlling Office. Additional tasks included recruitment, training, coaching and the development of training material for new examiners. He has been a member of the EPO committee responsible for issuing the guidelines for examination at the EPO and also served as Principal Director Quality Management ad interim responsible for all of the EPO's quality-related activities within and outside of the EPO.

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