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Independent technical expertise for IP

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Who We Are

We are a unique resource providing insight and bespoke support to investment houses, industry, inventors, academia and patent law firms through an exclusive coalition of full-career patent engineers and scientists, each a world-class expert in their field. We are fully independent.

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What We Do

TTN provides independent, impartial, expert advice on technological innovation and its protection, helping our clients, whether investors or companies, to understand and leverage the value of their IP.

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For Investors

Our world class IP due diligence enables investors to increase returns and maximise the value of technology-based investment. We build confidence in truly inventive companies while avoiding backing non-innovative ones.

For Companies

We help you to understand and build on the value of your inventive technology, working with you to define the right approach to protecting and leveraging it as part of an overarching strategy within your business plan and funding rounds.

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