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A new ally on the innovation landscape

TTN offers independent, impartial advice on all aspects of technology-related IP. It does this through a unique network of patent engineers and scientists who, following a full career in the public sector or industry, have accumulated a deep knowledge both of specific technologies and of IP procedures. Acting as a single point of contact, we connect and facilitate, solving highly specialised challenges through unparalleled technological and IP expertise. We are not a law firm, nor are we affiliated to one. We do not undertake representational work.

TTN’s differentiator is our people and the quality of the advice they provide. Our network of experienced patent scientists and engineers means that we can offer support that is matched both to your specific innovation and your IP needs. For each engagement, we will carefully select the most appropriate adviser and provide you with a profile in advance of any introduction.

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Grant Philpott

Our Team

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Grant Philpott

Grant finished his 32-year career at the European Patent Office as Chief Operating Officer.

Nick Watson

Nick has spent his career specialising in the development, optimisation and leveraging of professional networks, in both government and the private sector.

Yannis Skoulikaris

Yannis spent 30 years at the European PatentOffice specialising in software technology and artificial intelligence.

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